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WAYPT: The Outer Worlds

Action RPG fans will likely be pleased with it as long as you don't go in expecting anything especially innovative.

WAYPT: Hyper Light Drifter

It's fascinating – when a film or TV show leaves the viewer to fill in details, we frequently praise it. Too hand-holdy, and there's an air of mild condescension about

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is easily one of my favourite games to play when I want to unwind – it's unstressful, rarely more than very mildly frustrating, surprisingly deep in places, has tons of replay value, and adorable.

WAYPT: Paladins

If you like cartoony FPS games that play more like a MOBA (but, and I stress, are *not* a MOBA), give Paladins a try.

Baba Is You

If you don't like maddeningly hard puzzle games, Baba Is You is right out. If you're the sort who enjoys letting your brain chew through a fiddly logic puzzle, and you love that little splat of euphoria when you've finally gotten it, this game is definitely for you.