Questions You Might Ask

What's this?

It's where I write about games, specifically aimed at the people who are curious about games but not experts.


Because I felt like it. Why do you do things?

Are you gonna review the big AAA games?

Rarely, and more likely as a WAYPT. Other people have done that in cleverer ways than I would, and I prefer to introduce folks to games they might not stumble across otherwise.

Are you gonna review new games?

Sure, probably, though not in a timely manner because this is a scrub-tier blog and scrabbling to be first to press is not my jam. I'm also gonna write about older games, both to introduce them to folks who may not have known about them and because this blog is partly to get me to play through my unforgivably long game backlog.

What's a Potato Rating?

The Potato Rating is how beefy your computer needs to be to run the game, based on the way people will describe their old, slow machine as a potato.

What's your favorite game?

In terms of the game I've consistently played the most of, Stardew Valley. In terms of games I've found most compelling, Rakuen, Ori and the Blind Forest or the Mass Effect series. Games I get most absorbed in, Elite Dangerous and Frostpunk. I could go on in several categories. I hate choosing.

Will you review this one game I like?

If you want me to write about a game you like, just shoot me a message. No guarantees, but I'll look into it.

Will you review my game?

If you want me to review your game, also shoot me a message, but I'm just some schlub with a blog so please don't expect things like revenue or traffic. Feedback is the only thing on the menu; take it or leave it.

What the hell does WAYPT mean?

WAYPT = what are you playing today. It'll be shorter posts with a few notes on what game I'm playing for fun, interspersed with the longer posts on games I'm playing in order to write about them.

I'm mad you didn't like a thing I like or liked a thing I didn't like or bloo bloo bloo

Walk it off, buttercup.

How can I get in touch with you?

The contact page here will do. I made it just for you.



Occasionally reality-prone. Cross-stitch, synthwave, and video games.