WAYPT: Slayaway Camp

A TV screen, "Slayaway Camp" in creepy text overlaying a cartoon miner, with "My Gory Valentine" in a black box at the bottom

Ya like murder?

Great, because Slayaway Camp is full of the cheesiest pixel gore this side of Quake.

An abandoned mine, with two characters on the map and an explosion in the top left that says "SLASH"

Slayaway Camp is an isometric slider puzzle game and a goofy homage to the schlocky B-movie slasher flicks in the half-off bin at Target. Gouts of voxel blood as far as physics can splatter! Fun new methods of cube-body disposal! Endless serial killer flicks, each with a worse punny title than the next! Inexplicable explosions! Exaggerated onomatopoeia! Will the delight ever stop?!

... heh. Um. Anyway.

The idea is simple: slide your protagonist(...?) around the level's map in order to murder the unwitting rubes standing around on it. Once you're done flaying the last hapless boob or scaring them into a campfire, mosey on over to the pentagram to win. There are a number of "movies", each with a new serial-killer character and containing a collection of 12-15 levels. Starts out easy, gets maddeningly hard (though not as hair-tearing as Baba Is You, thank fuck). If you're well and truly stuck, the game will give you a hint in exchange for the coins you earn by passing levels. If that doesn't help, more coins buy a demo of the solution.

A splattery red screen with a white play button that says "New Killer Unleashed: Major Miner"

People under 25 will be awed at the simulation of top-of-the-line antique VHS technology and come away with frightening tales of having to rewind movies to watch them again. I assume most folks will play this game and fondly reminisce about top-notch cinema like Microwave Massacre and The Dorm That Dripped Blood. (Those are 100% real films and exactly as bad as you think they are.) If you love extravagantly over-the-top violence, this is up your alley and all the way back down again.

Fortunately for the folks lacking beefy GPUs, Slayaway Camp is not graphics-intensive and can be played on most newer laptops. Integrated graphics are totally OK, and anything with 2GB RAM or better is more than adequate.

Even if reckless bloodthirst isn't your scene, I recommend puzzle lovers give it a try. Under the oceans of carnage, there's an excellent game that will engross you more than enough to distract you from the guy in the hockey mask standing behind you.



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